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06 February 2013

The Welsh Group at Rhyl Library, Museum and Art Centre

The Welsh Group originated as the South Wales Group in 1948, before becoming a fully functioning and professional group in 1975. The group aims to promote and exhibit art of Welsh artists, along with those who are living and plying their trade within the Wales region.

Bringing together a group of passionate, exceptional and interesting artists within the area, allowing them to share and create some work that they can share with those who are interested. Some of the best-known and most well-regarded artists in Wales are set to offer an exhibition; including Claudia Williams, Eileen Allan, Jenny Allan, Lewis Allan, Lynne Bebb, William Brown, Glenys Cour, Ken Elias, Clive Hicks-Jenkins, Robert Alwyn Hughes, Dilys Jackson, Megan Jones, Philip Muirden, Michael Organ, Alan Salisbury, Jean Walcot, Islwyn Watkin, Ken Dukes, Angela Hoppe Kingston, Antonia Spowers, Thomasin Toohie, Roy Powell, Pip Wolf, Wendy Earle.

The exhibition will be taking place on 16th February 2013 to 6th April 2013 in side of the Rhyl Library, Museum and Art Centre. The centre aims to bring professional exhibitions into the heart of the town, which support eight professional exhibitions annually, including this from the Welsh Group, along with many others from touring and local artists.

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